on Thursday, 12 June 2014.

‘Seize Your Sizzle’ As Fast Food Takes A New Direction!

Little over a week old, this new and exciting addition to the city of Leeds offers pan Asian food with modern spin and more than a nod to locally sourced ingredients. The aim, to offer a high quality menu using fresh ingredients with little fuss in a matter of minutes.  I went along accompanied by my better and hungrier half to sample their ‘bill of fare’.

Thankful of shelter from the ‘monsoon’ downpour, we were greeted warmly and shown to a peaceful window seat amongst a décor of clean grey lines and occasional modern art.  The well-staffed kitchen sat discreetly in the restaurant, exuding tempting aromas to expectant diners.

Comfortable with a glass of sparkling, a member of staff gave us guidance on ordering from the ipads at our table, yes ipads and left us to make our selection!  This was a first for us.  ‘Dip into’ the menu, choose what you would like to eat and send your order to the kitchen.  Simple as that.  I was sceptical that it would go without hitch, me of little faith.

Our starters arrived in no more than a few minutes.




Mieng Gai;- my choice. This appetizing little gem had a real lightness of texture and flavour.  Traditional Thai Betel leaves gracefully dressed with lightly spiced minced chicken, crushed peanuts and shallot. Invigorating notes of fresh ginger and lime with just a little punch of heat.  The idea is to roll the ingredients inside said leaf and eat.

Bang, Bang, Chicken;- my guest.  A favourite of many,Teppan 260’s interpretation of this traditional street cuisine had plenty of ‘boom, boom’.  Torn breast of chicken with peanut butter and a scattering of crispy potato sticks and spring onion.  Good flavour and balanced heat of Sichuan. 


Our mains;- I would advise a little concentration on this part! Decide on your main dish and then select from a variety of accompanying sauces and rice, noodles or cubed chips. A side salad comes with all. Your choice of sauce will have a big flavour impact on the overall dish.



Aberdeen Angus Rib-eye;- my choice. Sizzling and spitting in a cast iron ‘teppan’, with a disposable cardboard guard, my sliced beef arrived, part cooked ready for me to finish to my liking.  That done, I poured my Singapore spiced soy sauce over meat, vegetables and noodles and delved in with chopsticks (optional) not to let the side down.  The meat was succulent and well complimented by the sides. 

Chicken Tonkatsu;- my guest. After much deliberation he opted for the chicken breast, cooked in a very light batter served with button mushrooms and an accompaniment of egg fried rice and black bean sauce.  As he comes from a family of ‘big eaters’, I began to wonder if I should revert to knife and fork before he polished his plate and began to ‘eye up’ mine.

(My only reservation on both dishes was a lack of accompanying sauce, easily remedied by politely asking for more)


Our desserts






I succumb easily to fruity puddings so it was the ‘Teppan Mango Pudding’ for me.  Sheer ambrosia!  A delightfully clean and soothing end to the meal. Smooth and creamy with little jewels of fresh mango and a whisper of coconut, it was served in a little puddle of cream with a few fresh berries.  On the reasoning of ‘something you wouldn’t eat at home’, my other half plumped for Chocolate Spring Rolls with Ice Cream. Milk, dark and white chocolate enveloped in light pastry served with Yorkshire ice cream. This was a creative dish but you have to be able to get your head around sweet filling in a spring roll!


The Head Chef, Kenneth Poon is no ordinary chef.  This is a man who knows how to cook.  Small in stature and modest in the most humbling way, he is a prince amongst men in the culinary world. Hugely experienced, he is a former Michelin Head Chef of the Dorchester.




A delightful and satisfying experience for good reasons.  We were not overwhelmingly full of the wrong kinds of fats or carbs, the type that leave you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day.  Service of fresh quality food was prompt without any sense of feeling rushed. The staff were attentive without being obsequious and there were no unnecessary interruptions, ideal for a business lunch or romance! It was well priced given the quality of the food and the input of the esteemed Head chef, Kenneth Poon. Would love to visit again in the evening and soak up the atmosphere on Millenium Square.


Teppantwosixty, 6 Millenium Square, Great George Street, LS2 3AD

Tel;- 0113 243 1888