TEA HORSE;- an opportunity to enjoy real tea

on Tuesday, 22 October 2013.



Tea is grown from China to Argentina, Nepal to South Africa, and, next to water, tea is the world's most consumed drink    (UK Tea Council)


We had journeyed up to the ‘big smoke’, privileged to witness the ceremony and personal achievement of a great friend.  Following  a sumptuous lunch, we couldn’t give up on that buzzy celebratory feel in which we were immersed and clambered into taxis ‘en masse’ to The Ritz.  Surrounded by the Edwardian decadence of Palm Court with its frosted glass ceiling and flattering pale pink chanderliers we supped what we Brits love to drink most, steaming cups of ‘Rosie Lee’ from dainty china cups.

The Chinese have been drinking it for 5 thousand years although it didn’t reach Britain until the middle of the 16th century when it was an expensive beverage enjoyed by the aristocracy.  By the 18th century, tea had become a national passion and was being drunk throughout the land.

Tea is associated with well being.  We talk about having a ‘nice cup of tea’,  its social and it makes us feel better.  It is considered to be medicinal and has anti- microbial properties.  In the early 1900’s an army surgeon suggested that soldiers should have tea in their water bottles to help fight typhoid.    My Irish mother- in law talks about ‘wetting the tea’ and ‘taking a drop in her hand’.  If you dare refuse a cup in Ireland, you will find a Mrs Doyle round every corner, ready to persuade you,  “Ah, go on, go on, go on”!




As connoisseurs of our national beverage, Tea Horse understand that it is not all about dunking a tea bag in a mug of hot water, giving it a quick stir and hoping for the best.

Tea Horse offer a range of high quality loose tea for maximum flavour.  For those of you who enjoy it 'straight', they offer single estate unblended teas.

They are creative and experimental, with a true understanding of the importance of blending and scenting tea. They strive for consistency of flavour whether it be a combination of the same types of tea or the fine balance of tea blended with herbs, spices or other flavourings.


How  Does It Work?

Tea Horse is a tea subscription service and is aimed at those are keen to explore new flavours and discover some of the world’s most interesting unblended, blended and scented teas.  They will provide you with fresh bespoke blends created by their Master Blenders, delivered to your door.

You will receive 4 teas on a monthly basis carefully selected and individually packed with full instructions on how to prepare them to enjoy at their best.  They come in re-sealable packs with little filters for brewing so no teapot is required.




A slim rectangular package slid through my letterbox with ease in perfect condition, the tea packets delicately wrapped in fine green tissue.

ENGLISH;-  a real classic, the brewed leaf had a wonderful aroma, the liquor, a rich dark tan in colour and the resulting flavour, robust whilst refreshing  and clean.

CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT;- in one word, okay two; mind blowing! Wonderfully clear cocoa notes with a magical peak of delicate peppermint.  The profile of this tea was beautifully drawn down, memorable and unique.

JASMINE;- a green tea, scented with jasmine flowers, hand rolled into tight little balls known as ‘pearls’.  Pale straw in colour it had an aromatic aroma and delicate note.  Definitely best unadulterated, without milk




G&T BLEND;- intrigued by this Sencha green tea with gin botanicals juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, angelica root and lemon peel for a gin-inspired flavour, I could not resist trying this one iced as suggested! There was an initial zesty burst with a balanced note of juniper and coriander.  Not quite the same as the real thing but a refreshingly different option if you happen to be the driver!

You have to be a true tea lover with perhaps aspirations of becoming an educated connoisseur to enjoy these delightful teas to the full.  I would like to think I fall into both categories.  There was a wonderful ceremony in preparing them with care and respect to get the drinking quality ‘just right’ which was very appealing.



Box Prices

Monthly       £11.95

3 Months     £35.00