Make A Big Pot Of Soup And Live Happily Ever After!

on Friday, 04 December 2015.

Everyone Can Make Homemade Soup. It Is Easy, Cheap And Nutritious!








We turn our minds to the warming foods at this time of year such as soups and casseroles but in our house, SOUP is on the menu practically all year round! My kids rarely refuse it nor does my other half who often takes a portion to work which can be easily microwaved for a tasty lunch.

As a Scot growing up, it was always on the menu. When my nana read me a story she would always finish it with, "and they made a big pot of soup and lived happily ever after." (It left me thinking all ladybird books ended this way)

I often make creamed soups as they are so easy and can be ready in half an hour including the prep. The basis for all these soups is a chopped onion cooked in a little oil/melted spread or butter.  You can then build on that by adding chopped vegetables of your choosing e.g. potato, leek, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms or carrots.  Add stock, seasoning and bring to the boil. Simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on and your vegetables should be soft. Whizz with a hand blender until smooth and job done!

Stock can be made fresh at home if you have the time and then frozen ready for use. If not you can buy good quality fresh stock or stock concentrates in most supermarkets. Stock cubes are very convenient, just check the salt content.

Garnish can make a simple soup into dinner party material e.g.chopped chives and melba toast with potato and leek, mini croutons and grated cheese with tomato and chopped tarragon with mushroom.

Most soups will freeze with ease without affecting the quality. Christmas is almost upon us, so make life easy by preparing a nutritious soup as your starter!

Visit Cookbook on my website to find recipes for my simpler than simpler, Cream of Tomato and Potato and Leek!