on Thursday, 25 September 2014.

How do You Prefer Yours?


I popped into M&S yesterday and spotted these multi-coloured baby vegetables at £2 a pack for 200g.  Drawn by their novelty and tempted by the ‘New’ sticker, into the basket they went.



These colourful little beauties which could enhance any meal are at their most nutritious eaten raw and whole.

Like many kids, I used to have real ‘veggie troubles’ but could always be relied upon to eat raw carrots.  I still devour them as is or will graze on with some fresh dip such as Tzatziki or Hummus.


Regardless of colour they are packed with nutrients.  The familiar orange ones gain their vibrant colour from beta carotene, anthocyanin make the purple purple and lutein the golden yellow.  The varying colours are believed to offer different anti-oxidants which support the body in staying healthy.   

Taste wise, the trio were pretty similar although to my mind, the purple ones which have a yellowy inner have a peppery note and the yellow  were a tad sweeter than the standard orange.



I peeled and steamed them for about 12 minutes on the hob and added a little butter, seasoning, a few coriander seeds and a little parsley.   Full of flavour they are so versatile and would brighten up the simplest of plates.



The above steamed carrots with said seasonings were truly tasty mashed with a fork and served with warm toast .


These worthy little carrots went a long way and proved to be more interesting than the bog standard.  Will impress your guests, go well in a lunch box or keep handy in the fridge to snack on.  Enjoy!