on Wednesday, 26 February 2014.

The Scottish born chef has clearly made his mark in the city of Edinburgh. Following nationwide acclaim for Restaurant Mark Greenaway and more recently Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway in Stockbridge, it seems that the only way is up.


His grandmother was an ‘amazing’ cook

Mark has memories of his grandmother putting ‘one tray wonders’ on the table, often using the cheapest and tastiest cuts of meat.  He began to enjoy cooking at home and as soon as he left school joined catering college.

Travels ‘down under’

In the early part of his career, Mark spent 5 years working in Sydney, developing his culinary skills across the board and was ultimately head pastry chef at GPO.

Most proud of dishes

From a fairly lengthy list Mark chose his ‘Crab Cannelloni’ and ‘Eton Mess’.

Cooking At Home For Friends?

Most likely to be a roast.  Perhaps a seared rib-eye on the bone, roasted simply with halved potatoes and carrot.


Guilty food pleasure?

A few sneaky ‘Cheesy Doritos’, but don’t tell anyone!


Secret ingredient?

He doesn’t have one but he always makes sure he has a supply of homemade stock to hand. Vegetables are never cooked in water in his restaurant but enhanced with pure vegetable stock, lightly perfumed with seasonal herbs.


Advice to encourage individuals to cook at home from scratch?

Mark believes that confidence is hugely important.  The more confident you are about cooking, the more likely you are to cook. He suggests that the internet supplies a wealth of information and that we should not feel shy about sending chef’s a quick email for advice.

He believes that waste is an issue and that we should always create an extra portion which can be wrapped and frozen rather than leaving leftovers in the fridge where they are often forgotten.




Mark is confident that healthy food can be eaten on a budget by following the guidance above and giving pre-packed foods a wide berth.  By that, not only does he mean ready meals but pre-packed vegetables and fruit.  We should only buy what we need.



visit: www.markgreenaway.com / www.bistromoderne.co.uk