on Monday, 21 July 2014.


It’s four years since we last visited the beautiful Greek island of Skopelos.  I have such vivid memories of its hospitable capital,  crystal clear swimming waters, the lingering note of fresh mountain thyme and eating copious amonts of Dakos Salad.  I couldn’t resist this clean, flavoursome dish and had it most days for lunch. Having befriended Julia in The Alkistis kitchen, she delighted in showing me how simple this dish was to make.  I would like to share it with you.


I make Dakos Salad throughout the summer months.  Using only 5 modest ingredients, it takes no cooking and little prep.  You will be eating it in 10 minutes!



Serves 2


1 brown cobb roll, halved

2 large vine ripened tomatoes

100g feta cheese

1 tablespoon salted capers

sprinkling of dried oregano

lacing of virgin olive oil



Firstly, take the tomatoes and grate by hand, skin, seeds and all into a bowl. Chill  ready to use.


Take feta cheese, crumble by hand into a bowl and chill ready to use.

Take the cobb roll halves and run them under a cold tap very briefly so that they will moisten without being sodden.  ( I do this in a back and forth motion, 2 to 3 times briskly) Place each moistened half roll in the middle of a dinner size plate.


Divide the rest of the ingredients evenly between the two plates.

Spoon the fresh grated tomato over the cobb rolls.  Follow this with the feta cheese, a scattering of capers and a sprinkling of oregano.



Finish off with a generous lacing of olive oil and serve.

This dish is also fantastic with a garnish of finely chopped spring onion.