Life's A Pudding Full Of Plums! W S Gilbert

Written by Gaynor Mairs on 01 October 2018

Apples are a great source of Vitamin B and C. Rich in dietary fibre, they should always be eaten with the skin on. Eat as is, add sliced to a peanut butter sandwich, serve with dips or as dessert with natural yogurt.

Plums are grown in every continent except Antartica!

Low in calories and fat, they are perfect just as they are when ripe and juicy.  Alternately, poach them with star anise and serve with yoghurt or throw on top of a pavlova with toasted almonds.  They also make wonderful jam or a classic chutney to serve with cheese ! 

See my Cookbook for the full recipe of 

Poached Plums In Amaretto



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